The Technology Interpreter™ Meets Gergö Fazekas – Managing Director of

After we had our first two amazing meetings with the fearless business owner and adventurer Jörg Schmiedl and the well-spoken, determined and respectful leader – Guntram Rainer, we continued our adventure in meeting other successful Austrian entrepreneurs and listening to their inspiring stories. What I love most about writing the “Technology Interpreter™ meets” blog post […]

The Technology Interpreter™ Meets Guntram Rainer – Owner of

After we had our first amazing meeting with the fearless business owner and adventurer Jörg Schmiedl, the CEO of and, we were more excited than ever to continue our quest in discovering Vienna and other successful entrepreneurs. Our second meeting was with an exceptional leader who possesses a high level of competence as […]

Turn Your Ugly Duckling Website into a Beautiful Swan Website

Since websites act as bridges between businesses and their audiences, the way they look and work can attract or deter visitors. An ugly duckling website could make people run for the hills, wanting to embrace your competition. Beautiful swan websites, on the other hand, draw the attention of your visitors and maintain them engaged throughout […]

How I Understand the Client’s Language, Being a Technology Interpreter

As a business owner, how many times have you found yourself thinking “It’s all Greek to me!” whenever discussing with a designer, a software engineer, or any service provider in general? That could happen even when all parties involved express themselves using perfectly good English. In such situations, getting everyone on the same page is […]

Why It’s Important for Web Apps to Have a Responsive Design

While the “native vs. hybrid vs. responsive apps” debate is a topic that we’ll leave for another blog post, it’s important to discuss why web apps should fit any form factor. Throughout the day, we switch from one display to another and we expect our beloved apps to look and work the same in all […]

3 of the Best Node.js Applications for a Dose of Inspiration

In our previous blog post, we discussed about why Node.js is the best option for building web apps. Now we’re going to show you some practical examples so you can better understand why this is the runtime environment of choice for many top tech companies. We’ve listed 3 of the best Node.js applications, which will […]

Why Node.js Is Your Best Option for Building Innovative Web Apps

Oh, don’t you hate it when you hear someone talking about a new technology for developing innovative web apps and your first thought is “I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Like that one time when you attended a digital conference, and on the lunch break some young, geeky-looking guy approached you: “Have you […]