Group 2Created with Sketch.VISIT WEBSITE Doc24 Introduction is a platform made for doctors and therapists and official partner of numerous Swiss medical, psychological and psychotherapeutic associations. Patients get a better overview of the available doctors and doctors spent much less time coordinating appointments because patients can book appointments themselves. Challenge To redesign and implement […]


Group 2Created with Sketch.VISIT WEBSITE Octopus Introduction Octopus is a new publishing platform designed to replace journals and papers as the means of sharing scientific knowledge and ideas. It is designed to serve the needs of science and scientists above all else in order to ensure that good scientific practice is recognized and rewarded and […]


Group 2Created with Sketch.VISIT WEBSITE PoloAG Introduction Polo Handels AG is a family-owned company with a history of over 30 years and it’s one of the leading providers of paper, carton board and paper-based packaging solutions in the CEE countries. Challenge They were dealing with an out of date website that no longer portrayed the […]


Created with Sketch.VISIT WEBSITE Slashscore Introduction While one can argue that two developers can be extremely similar, Slashscore means to bring to light exactly the unique aspects of each of them. When not working exclusively on private projects, software engineers leave a digital footprint that can be quantified. By measuring this digital footprint, they can […]