We are Developers. Whatโ€™s your Dev Superpower?

We previously talked about Wingravity and what it means to work here. We also mentioned that we are currently having 2 open positions in our company, so if you are interested please check it out here. Software development continues to be a booming industry that offers a career path with endless possibilities and progression.ย  Furthermore, […]

Thoughts & Emotions from the Wingravity Team ๐Ÿš€ Razvan [Full Stack Developer]

Introduction Until now, weโ€™ve been spoiled by working with skilled and interesting people and Razvan is one of them. He joined Wingravity exactly 1 year and a half ago when we were searching for a new colleague.  Even though weโ€™ve never met in person it didnโ€™t stop us from doing the impossible together in these […]

A Different Software Development Culture

If you are looking for a software engineer job or want to try something new and you are not sure whatโ€™s the best next step for you, maybe this can help. We strongly believe that the number one thing you should ask when you are looking for a new job is โ€œwhatโ€™s the culture like?โ€. […]