The Struggles of Becoming The Best In The World at What You Do

Are you having a hard time being an entrepreneur in the tech world? What are your struggles? Have you ever wondered how you are supposed to keep up with all of the responsibilities that came with the goal of becoming the best in the world at what you do? One interesting article entitled The Psychological […]

The Technology Interpreter™ Meets Guntram Rainer – Owner of

After we had our first amazing meeting with the fearless business owner and adventurer Jörg Schmiedl, the CEO of and, we were more excited than ever to continue our quest in discovering Vienna and other successful entrepreneurs. Our second meeting was with an exceptional leader who possesses a high level of competence as […]

How I Understand the Client’s Language, Being a Technology Interpreter

As a business owner, how many times have you found yourself thinking “It’s all Greek to me!” whenever discussing with a designer, a software engineer, or any service provider in general? That could happen even when all parties involved express themselves using perfectly good English. In such situations, getting everyone on the same page is […]