The Superpowers of Software Developers: A Comparison to Marvel Heroes

January 30, 2023

The Superpowers of Software Developers: A Comparison to Marvel Heroes

Just like Marvel superheroes, software developers possess unique and powerful abilities that set them apart from the rest. With their technical skills, software developers have the power to bring ideas to life and create functional and user-friendly applications that make technology accessible to everyone. Similar to Iron Man's intelligence and quick thinking, software developers have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new technologies. …

Software Development Facts – Part 1 By Developers for Developers Software Development Facts – Part 1

Check out the first part of our collection of the most eye-opening software development facts. 1. Reading computer code does not engage the areas of the brain that understand language. According to this research, “a distributed network called the multiple demand network” is activated, which is similarly activated for more difficult cognitive tasks like mathematics or crossword puzzles. While reading computer code activates the mu…

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Balancing Work Life as a Developer Wingravity Balancing Work Life as a Developer

Is it a Myth or it can happen? Well, from our point of view it is a mix of both. We believe that work-life balance is about a mindset and the concrete action you do every day juggle with it. We tend to see these two as different and separate entities. Because for some, work is that place where you go because you have to, you need the money to su…

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Innovation from the ground UP! Wingravity Innovation from the ground UP!

Who are we? Hi, welcome to Wingravity! If you were curious to find out more about us, we are a team of real tech-astronauts who are passionate about harnessing creativity and translating ideas into action. More precisely, we are a software design and development company with a dedicated drive for innovative approaches to new challenges. Working with clients from abroad, like Germany, Austria, UK, and the USA, gave us the opportunity to straighten our skills sets, and optimize our services …

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Founders’ Story Wingravity Founders’ Story

Where does our story begin? Everything started back from when we were children, we spent all of our time together, playing, experimenting new things and always improving ourselves. Mostly because we are brother and sister and we had to like one another. We are kidding, but it is true and this is how our story as founders of Wingravity started. I am Corina, talkative and sensitive, the one with the business experience and I am Daniel, the funny guy with the software development expertise…

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Building Web & Mobile Apps during the COVID-19 Lockdown Web Apps for Leaders Building Web & Mobile Apps during the COVID-19 Lockdown

First of all, we are privileged to be active in the software industry as we are better than a lot of people from other industries because we are pretty familiar with working from home. We were more than prepared for this, since Wingravity was born as a remote-first company and 80% of our colleagues are key remote professionals, the smartest people we could find, with a significant amount of self-awareness and discipline, ready to solve the toughest problems. Hence, the location of their workpl…

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The Struggles of Becoming The Best In The World at What You Do Technology Interpreter The Struggles of Becoming The Best In The World at What You Do

Are you having a hard time being an entrepreneur in the tech world? What are your struggles? Have you ever wondered how you are supposed to keep up with all of the responsibilities that came with the goal of becoming the best in the world at what you do? One interesting article entitled The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship mentions one analogy made by Toby Thomas – the CEO of EnSite Solutions: > It’s like a man riding a lion. People think, ‘This guy’s brave.’ And he’s thinking, ‘How…

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Turn Your Ugly Duckling Website into a Beautiful Swan Website Dazzling Websites Turn Your Ugly Duckling Website into a Beautiful Swan Website

Since websites act as bridges between businesses and their audiences, the way they look and work can attract or deter visitors. An ugly duckling website could make people run for the hills, wanting to embrace your competition. Beautiful swan websites, on the other hand, draw the attention of your visitors and maintain them engaged throughout their visits. But what exactly sets these two categories apart? Read on to find out! Last Century Designs vs. Latest Web Design Trends Touted by so…

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