We are Developers. Whatโ€™s your Dev Superpower?

We previously talked about Wingravity and what it means to work here. We also mentioned that we are currently having 2 open positions in our company, so if you are interested please check it out here. Software development continues to be a booming industry that offers a career path with endless possibilities and progression.ย  Furthermore, […]

Thoughts & Emotions from the Wingravity Team ๐Ÿš€ Razvan [Full Stack Developer]

Introduction Until now, weโ€™ve been spoiled by working with skilled and interesting people and Razvan is one of them. He joined Wingravity exactly 1 year and a half ago when we were searching for a new colleague.  Even though weโ€™ve never met in person it didnโ€™t stop us from doing the impossible together in these […]

A Different Software Development Culture

If you are looking for a software engineer job or want to try something new and you are not sure whatโ€™s the best next step for you, maybe this can help. We strongly believe that the number one thing you should ask when you are looking for a new job is โ€œwhatโ€™s the culture like?โ€. […]

What Do Developers Love to Hate?

Developers love to hate

Every job comes with ups and downs, with days full of productivity or with blank moments when you might not have any idea. We do get mad when something isnโ€™t working and we are annoyed when we canโ€™t find the solution right away. So, here is a list of a couple of things that can […]

Juggling with Work-Life Balance as a Parent Developer

Juggling with work-life balance as a Parent Developer

Raising kids and building software are two of the most complicated tasks in the world.  How is it for working developers’ parents to manage their two parts? On one hand, we want to give our best at our job because it is the place that gives us safety and on the other hand we want […]

Top 10 Things to Look for In Great Web Apps

Have you ever wondered what are the defining traits of a web app? Of course, you have! No matter if you mean to build a web app for your business or are simply looking at one from a userโ€™s perspective, there are elements that can help you tell good from bad. Sometimes youโ€™re more interested […]