We are Developers. What’s your Dev Superpower?

October 1, 2021

We are Developers. What’s your Dev Superpower?

Corina Craescu


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Software development continues to be a booming industry that offers a career path with endless possibilities and progression.

Furthermore, imagine that you are almost through your job interview and you get a question from a possible employer like: ”What is your dev superpower?”. We are curious to find out your answer to this question, but until then check out what we discovered about our developer’s superpowers.

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1. Problem Solving

You know that satisfying feeling when you just figured out how to solve something that nobody else could do?

As software engineers, we constantly provide tailored solutions for users’ problems and implement both occasional quick fixes as well as more complex and strategic solutions.

Some of the problem-solving capabilities can require being able to split complex goals into smaller and more manageable ones and that means thinking in parallel. It’s about optimizing your tasks and prioritizing the job you need to do.

This goes hand in hand with designing future-proof solutions that won’t need re-coding each time a parameter changes. Because remember, not everything needs to be done from scratch and your goal is to save time for more important tasks.

2. Code is our source of creativity

Being problem-solving-oriented allows us to create more and more every time we code. Don’t think of programming just as a set of actions made out of sequential rigid steps, or only a brick by brick laid down a building. Code actually allows developers to experiment more and lets their creative juices flow naturally while embracing new technology as it comes out.

You probably noticed your ability to draw connections between seemingly unrelated things. This ability is incredibly valuable to developers: you’ll be able to get inspiration from unlimited possibilities and then apply it to your work.

Doesn’t matter the stage of the career, a junior developer or a technical manager, it’s how you nurture your mind, learn new things, and practice them.

Whether you have to make big or small decisions, you should always try to explore new ways to accomplish your tasks and find new solutions.

Using creative thinking for efficient decision-making will help improve your abilities to adapt and innovate.

3. Learning opportunities

Thanks to the fact that this industry is an extremely fast-moving one, software engineers have to be able to constantly adapt to new languages and technologies, according to the continually changing environment.

Apart from learning about technologies, developers will repeatedly have the chance to establish their knowledge of the business world they are working in. All this keeps your mind fresh and sharp.

stormtrooper Image by tagaston from Pixabay

4. Fighting deadlines

Working under stiff deadlines can be stressful, but we are always impressed by how efficient developers can be under these circumstances. Sometimes, the question pops up if you’re going to be able to deliver in time or not, but best developers approach these bearings with patience and grace and put their beautiful minds to work smart.

Even though some may find this part challenging, their willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done is impressive. The result is always astonishingly rewarding, especially when it perfectly meets the client’s needs.

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5. Dream big

The most amazing software engineers are not afraid to dream big, we go over the moon, and disrupt the whole industry by introducing new technologies.

Breaking the traditional and breaking the rules of how things should be done to create something new and exciting by going beyond limits, it’s what visionary developers do. With the question: ”What if?” in our mind, we board on a new adventure. A strong and idealistic vision is what driven developers have on their side to become the best.

6. Attentiveness

We talked about being problem-solvers and using our creative thinking, but to go more in-depth programmers are very detail-oriented. Otherwise, coding would be quite terrible to handle.

So, one of the superpowers is having focused attention to detail. Going from nothing to good pieces of coding while also identifying problems, improving structures and inconsistencies requires being able to stay focused and work in a disciplined and strategic way.

Better prioritization for a project to be done well and delivered in time comes from being detail-oriented, and this helps build good client relationships.

7. Strong collaboration

Software engineers enjoy working in collaboration with other developers, designers, professionals, or any other people who can help in the creating process. Why?

Because we do understand and appreciate the power of collaboration which helps each individual become better in both personal and professional aspects. These relationships require acknowledgment that anybody can bring valuable inputs to a team project.

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8. Insane Curiosity

We know that many people are curious about all sorts of things, and as we mentioned above, being a software developer doesn’t mean we are not creative or in a constant search for new things.

So, this insane curiosity doesn’t just start and stops with the software but grows to all the knowledge a developer has. This may be a valid reason why the most outstanding developers that you meet may have at least one alternative for the things we like to do and are good at.

In the software industry, this curiosity trait is always considered a bonus due to the fast-paced environment and the continuous need to learn and adapt to new technologies. It helps keep up, and the more you feed the insatiable curiosity the more it becomes a natural thing and a result of the personality of a good developer.

9. Working Hard To Facilitate Laziness

Developers are a strange combo between hard-working and lazy people, call them however you want, the hardest working lazy people or the laziest hard working ones.

As strange as it may sound from being lazy sometimes, but also hard-working, we like to create little tools and to find various ways to make everything automated and make our lives easier.

This characteristic is the whole reason why the software industry has come this far in such a short period. Developers can find several ways to do things more efficiently, to establish and automate, all in the name of supporting their laziness, which also creates more room for grander plans and vision.

In other words, thanks to all these superpowers we can build extraordinary apps quickly, change any framework, learn any new language or technology, meeting for the first time with an existing but not familiar app, and being able to fix a bug or add new functionality.

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Now it’s your turn. Tell us more about your dev superpowers! What are those?

October 1, 2021

Corina Craescu

Hi, I'm the Technology Interpreter™. I interpret and facilitate successful software projects. I speak 3 vital languages: the language of the designer, the language of the engineer and the language of the client. Being an interpreter, I'm making sure that I deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions on time according to client's needs. Nice to meet you!

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