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We are a software design and development company with a passion for innovative approaches in new challenges. We treat each project as if it was our own.


We handle projects from blueprint to launch

Whether you’re embarking on a startup adventure or have an established business, we take on projects from the conceptual phase all the way to deployment. We design and implement web and mobile apps that focus on the user and his needs, all the while having your goals and vision in mind.



We help shape the big idea behind your product



We leave nothing to chance, to ensure a smooth progress



We believe good design is the thinking behind it



We keep up with the latest technologies


Once known as a “hipster“ framework, Node.js is one of the most common languages in building web apps. It’s currently being used in production by top leading brands such as NETFLIX, PAYPAL, UBER, IBM and MICROSOFT to power their data intensive and real-time network applications. We use it for creating real-time apps and networked apps, which deal with platform API and database, such as Single Page Apps, Game Apps, Data Streaming Apps and many others.


At the moment this open-source JavaScript library is the most popular front-end framework used for building user interfaces specifically for single-page applications. We use it for handling the view layer for web and mobile apps but also for creating reusable UI components. The main benefit of it is that we are building large web applications that can change data, without reloading the page. React.js is fast, scalable, simple and can be used with a combination of other JavaScript libraries or frameworks.


This framework supports the construction of fast and responsive single page applications (SPAs) and websites. It’s becoming more and more widespread, owing to the fact that it is a complete solution for developing a front-end based application without dependency on any other frameworks or plugins. Here is a short list of some of the most renowned web applications powered by the flexible and robust AngularJS framework: THE GUARDIAN, LEGO, iStock Photo, UPWORK. We use it to create fast, powerful and responsive single page applications like Gmail and Google Docs.

Case studies

Take a look at what we did so far

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About us

What makes us different


We are a collection of creative and technical enthusiasts with lots of years of experience ready to meet any challenge.

One stop shop

From planning and strategy to design and development providing everything you need to successfully market your product or service.

Working hours

We are always available for an open and honest discussion about our shared passion for innovation.

Flexible pricing policy

We pay close attention to our customers’ requirements and our pricing package is attractive and stable.


Our partners

We take care of automating your business. Starting with the design phase and going through all stages of development, up to launching your product on the market. Our comprehensive knowledge of software and application development, combined with your vision, enables us to deliver high-quality development packages. If you are ready to do the impossible happen by minimizing your costs and maximizing your profits, we’re ready to prove it!


Our space-force

Starting 2006, we have consistently dedicated ourselves to helping the founders of the companies we’ve worked for to reach for the stars. We’ve grown in experience over these years and decided to search for our own planet in the galaxy. 2017 was the beginning of this new amazing adventure. 

Corina Craescu

Co-Founder & CEO

I interpret and facilitate successful software projects. I speak 3 vital languages: the language of the designer, the language of the engineer and the language of the client. Being an interpreter, I’m making sure that I deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions on time according to client’s needs.

Daniel Berigoi

Co-Founder & CTO

I am passionate about everything related to web development, I understand your product from a technical point of view and I know how to speak to your software engineers and developers. Working on our client’s software projects gives me the joy to wake up every morning and the fuel to grow.

Board of directors

Control tower

Steven Maranville

Chairman of the Board

Hi, I’m The Startup Unicorn Trainer™ and Chairman of Maranville Enterprises headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. For 30 years, Maranville Enterprises has Scaled up the Strategic IQ of Entrepreneurs and their Unicorn-bound Ventures. Along the way, I earned a Ph.D. in Business Administration with specializations in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, and Organizational Transformation. Today, while totally blind, I teach business leaders how to Venture with Vision!

Tony Ihander

Advisor and Business Coach

Hi, I’m coming from nowhere and know nothing. I started my first company in Finland when I was 16 and have lived in 14 countries on three continents. My fastest-growing business was the successful IPO in Frankfurt Stock Exchange for the web marketing company that built branches in 27 countries in just 18 months. Now I’m the lazy entrepreneur and mentor behind many modern and innovative companies from all over the world. I’ll show you how to succeed in business and in life without trying: “Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try!”

John Lusher

Advisor and Social Media Coach

I’m a Community Manager, Marketing Consultant and Content Creator. I started my own marketing consulting firm 7 years ago and in all this time I’ve built a strong community of clients and referral partners. In addition to my own firm, I work with The Social Buzz Lab. On the personal side of things, I love coffee and traveling to the beaches of the world. When not online, you can find me working on my bucket list. Connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and my personal website.


Our logs

This is where we share our knowledge and lessons learned along the way.

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Contact us

Make first contact

Are you ready to start an innovative project together? We’d love to help you. Please fill out the form and we’ll get back to you sooner than aeons.

Aleea Nicolina 13, Iași, Romania

[email protected]